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Long days

Leaving the Island was not easy. Taking the night bus to KL wasn’t either.

Only 7 hours, leaving me stranded there at 4 AM after getting maybe 3 hours of sleep. I have no idea why I still do that to myself.

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Heads up

I’m back!

After spending a week on the beautiful, lazy and fun Perhentian Island, I’ve got Internet again.

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Sky high

The Petronas Towers are iconic. There’s no denying that. So heading up to the Sky Bridge is a must.

Walking at a dazzling 170 m above the ground, or 42 floors, the view is stunning. From one end of KL to the other.

If that’s not enough, I then stood on the 86th floor not long after. And here I am afraid of heights.

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Rediscovering Kuala Lumpur

Getting to Kuala Lumpur is pretty easy. Even when there wasn’t a direct flight, I managed to connect through Sydney and ended up back in Malaysia.

I’ve always had fond memories of the times we spent here. That’s why I decided to come back. To relive old memories and make new ones.

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