Going to the villages is always fun.

Fighting with oilbased paint and wasps… not so much.

When we go shark tagging a few fishermen from one of the villages close by always take us out, so for our last Dirty Day we went and painted their village hall.

Our Dirty Days are all about selflessness and giving back to the communities. For an entire month they help us on our Project, we teach them all the time about sharks and the teach us about culture. Once a month, we say thank you, by offer the capacity of 20 extra volunteers and doing huge projects that would usually take them forever.

At first it was oging great. We got covered in oil based paint that wouldn’t get scrubbed off using terpentine and a rock.

And then the wasps showed up.

Now, Fiji doesn’t have poisonous animals. But those wasps are far from normal. One stung my finger and not only was it agony, I also couldn’t move it for 4 hours.

In the end I was fine, the walls and the stones were painted and we got to play with puppies.