I was one of the lucky ones.

On one of the few days it’s not pouring down with rain, we went tagging.

The sun was out, the waters calm and I got to borrow a fishing rod.

Cue me throwing my first ever line. Now, don’t ask how, but I managed to not only get a nibble on the bait, but actually hook the fish.

Trying to hold him while not getting stabbed by the pointy fin spines or gill plates was hard.

After that, we let him go so he can grow big and strong.

And then we got a Malabar Grouper on the long line. As it’s grouper spawning season, groupers are protected and have to be released. It’s to make sure they lay their eggs and more groupers get to live.

For some reason, we decided to tag him and after accidentally dropping him a few times too many, he dropped back in the water and swam off into the black.